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Enamel Dental & COVID-19

At Enamel Dental we take Health and Safety very seriously. With the recent events surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to let you know that we have made the decision to close the office to protect our patients and our staff until further notice. However, we do anticipate re-opening our office on Monday, 30 March…

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What Causes White Spots on Teeth?

Have you noticed white spots forming on your teeth? While it may be distressing, a trip to the dentist can alleviate their appearance (and the stress that comes with them). But what causes them? There are several reasons you or your child might have white spots on your teeth. With some, the only cause for…

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Why Do I Get a Headache After Dental Work?

Going to the dentist is difficult enough for many of us. That's without enduring a painful headache after the dental work is done. This article outlines the causes of headache following dental procedures, including routine cleaning, and what you can do about them. Causes of Tension Headache After Dental Work There are several factors that…

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Dental Filling Procedure: What To Expect

If you require a dental filling, do not fear! Our caring and professional team at Enamel Dental in Penticton has everything you need to keep your smile looking and feeling fantastic! It is common for clients to feel bad when we tell them they have a cavity. Many individuals question how this is possible when…