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How to Properly Maintain Your Affordable Dental Implants

How to Properly Maintain Your Affordable Dental Implants

Your affordable dental implants may be able to transform your smile, but your teeth still require the proper care and maintenance.

We break down below how to properly care for your implants both at home and at the dental office.

Proper Homecare for Affordable Dental Implants

Firstly, we recommend using an electric toothbrush to clean your dental implants. Unlike normal toothbrushes, the vibrating bristles of electric toothbrushes are much more effective at removing plaque and debris.

Proper homecare also includes regular flossing, using antibacterial mouth rinses and investing in and using a water flosser. That last piece is especially important since using a water flosser is highly effective in maintaining gum health around implants. We recommend using one like a Waterpik as it comes in many options and has been proven to be safe when used on implants—we especially like the plug-in version as it has more consistent water pressure when using it.

Make sure to brush your implants twice a day (like your natural teeth) and take special care to waterpik or floss around your implants. An antibacterial mouth rinse after brushing and flossing is an excellent way to kill bacteria in the mouth and around the implants.

If the proper homecare isn’t done regularly, plaque can form on implants just as it does on natural teeth. If plaque is not properly removed it can cause an infection known as peri-implantitis which can cause bone loss around an implant. If that happens, the implant will fail and other complications from the infection can arise.

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When Your Dental Implants Need to Be Cleaned Professionally

Your dental implants should be cleaned, checked, and maintained regularly by a dental professional. Depending on the status of your oral health cleanings may need to be done as often as every 3 months. However, for most people they will need to be cleaned professionally between 3-6 months on average. Your dental professionals will be able to provide oral hygiene instructions, as well as spot any problems before they become major issues.

In addition to professional cleanings, when you go in for a checkup the dental hygienist will take x-rays of your implants at least once a year. This helps your dentist check for signs of any bone loss around them and recommend the appropriate treatment if there are any issues.

By following the proper homecare and professional cleaning, your implants can last for many years to come and ensures your smile can continue to be at its best.



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