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Using Your Dental Benefits Before Year End

Using Your Dental Benefits Before Year End

There are many ways we can utilize your insurance coverage before the end of the year to optimize your dental health. Did you know that most dental insurance plans re-set on January 1st?  If you need some help determining if you have any outstanding dental treatment we are always happy to help!

Here are a few examples of ways to stay ahead of your dental health:

Using Your Dental Benefits Before Year End to Save Money and Protect Your Smile

Using your dental benefits before year end can allow us to treat dental issues in their infancy and therefore, save you money. Not going to regular dental appointments can result in cavities, fillings, root canals and tooth extractions which, even with coverage, can be costly.

Regular hygiene appointments cover many aspects of your oral health: Sensitivity issues, cavities, oral cancer screenings, TMJ symptoms, sleep apnea and so much more. Your oral health affects your entire body. Don’t let your dental coverage go to waste!

Why Use Your Dental Insurance by the End of the Year?

Most dental plans allow a yearly maximum benefit. This is often around $1,000 per insured person. If you haven’t used all your dental benefits, it will not roll over to next year. So, if you need covered dental services and have unused benefits, you will want to use them up before the end of the year.

Using your dental benefits before year end also ensures that you do not have to pay an additional deductible payment for dental services. If your dental plan has an annual deductible, you will have to pay it again next year. If you’ve already paid your deductible for this year, any additional dental work done before the end of the year won’t require a new deductible payment.

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How to Maximize Your Dental Insurance Before Year-End

If you pay premiums for your dental insurance, you should be taking advantage of all covered services including screenings, x-rays, and cleanings. Not only will this help you maintain excellent dental health, but you will be getting the benefits you pay into every month.

Other ways to maximize your dental insurance before year-end include:


  • Plan the timing of appointments so the full treatment plan is covered. Dental insurance is often renewed on a yearly basis. Some plans may also have a total coverage limit for certain types of treatments. If the end of your coverage year is fast approaching, it might be effective to begin treatment before one year expires, so that any follow-up or subsequent appointments are covered in the next year.



  • Manage dual or overlapping plans to ensure complete coverage. At times, an individual or family might be covered by two separate health plans. For example, two members of a household may have plans that extend to other family members, or a college or university student may be covered by parents’ work insurance plans as well as a group student plan. While it is usually possible to opt-out of or end one plan, it may be well worth keeping a second plan that covers any “gaps” in the first plan’s coverage. For example, one plan may only cover restorative dentistry while another plan may include coverage for crowns and bridges.

Enamel Dental Centre—the Best Place for Using Your Dental Benefits Before Year End

Get the most out of your dental benefits before the end of the year and schedule a visit with our friendly and professional dentists. It will help you start 2020 with a healthy smile, better overall health and more money in your pocket.

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