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Debunking the Most Incorrect Oral Health Myths

Debunking the Most Incorrect Oral Health Myths

Nope, one solution to keep your mouth healthy for years without any effort doesn’t exist. Dentistry as a whole can be confusing and there are often plenty of common myths surrounding oral health, smooth surface cavities, and other dental aspects that don’t help make it clear either.

However, there are some treatments that definitely help.

Below, we break down 5 of the most widespread oral health myths and explain why they’re wrong.

Smooth Surface Cavities and Other Cavities Are Caused by Eating Foods With Tons of Sugar

One of the most commonly held beliefs is that lots of sugar causes cavities. The truth is that sugar itself doesn’t cause cavities, but the bacteria it can cause your mouth to feed do. When sugar breaks down it can create plaque which then eats away at your teeth.

This is why regular brushing is so important as it cleans away the sugar molecules and plaque that could feed bacteria.

Brushing isn’t the only thing that’s important though…

Flossing Isn’t That Important

Sorry, but it is.

While modern advances like electric toothbrushes and better toothpaste greatly help keep your mouth in the best possible shape, there’s only so much they can do. Everyone’s mouth is different, but we all have small spaces in our teeth where food can get stuck, break down, and cause future dental problems.

Some of these major problems flossing can prevent include gum disease, tooth decay, and even heart disease (especially if you’re more at risk for gum disease)!

Bear in mind, you don’t need to floss every time you eat, just flossing once a day is enough to help keep your mouth healthy.

Teen with white smile

White Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

White teeth do make your smile more photogenic, but they don’t tell the full picture of your oral health. The natural colour of your teeth will actually often vary from person to person.

A better indication of your oral health is actually your breath and signs of any tooth decay. If you’re noticing your teeth have rapidly changed colour though, check with your dentist if this is correlated with more serious issues.

Braces Are Only for Teens

Although walking around a high school may make it seem like braces are just a teenager thing, it’s simply not true. Braces can be put on at any age to correct your smile.

While it’s best to do so when you’re young as your mouth will often adjust faster, it’s still possible to fix your jaw or smile when you’re older as well.

Going to the Dentist Is Usually Painful

Nothing could be further from the truth. You may experience some minor discomfort when a dentist is inspecting or cleaning your mouth, but if you’re feeling severe pain, let them know as this isn’t something you should be experiencing. Dentists never intentionally want to hurt you, and in fact, now have many ways to help if you’re feeling especially anxious about your visit.

Hopefully, by debunking the above myths some of your worries have been resolved. Going to the dentist shouldn’t feel any different than going to see your doctor or other health professional. If you’re feeling anxious about your next visit, make sure to let your dentist know so they can help guide you through your time there and make your experience more comfortable.



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