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Dental Filling Procedure: What To Expect

Dental Filling Procedure: What To Expect

If you require a dental filling, do not fear! Our caring and professional team at Enamel Dental in Penticton has everything you need to keep your smile looking and feeling fantastic!

It is common for clients to feel bad when we tell them they have a cavity. Many individuals question how this is possible when they maintain their oral hygiene. Did you know that cavities can be caused by genetics and even certain medications? Certain medications may cause dry mouth as a side effect.

A lack of saliva contributes to dental caries as the cleansing and hydrating component of saliva is lessened for clients on certain medications. We always ask that you update your medical history file with us at your biannual appointments if you have started or stopped any new medication.

What Happens During A Dental Filling?

Firstly, every step is explained in real-time. Everyone is different and we understand dental anxiety is a common issue. Our sedation methods can help you stay comfortable and relaxed during the entire procedure.

A simple topical freezing will be applied to ensure your tooth, gums and surrounding tissue is completely frozen for the utmost comfort. Next, we will gently remove the cavity and clear out any bacteria and debris that has been harming your enamel. Afterward, we pack some sterile filling material into your tooth and seal everything up.

It’s perfectly normal to feel numb for up to a few hours after your dental appointment. We recommend having soft foods such as soups or shakes that do not require any chewing. It is important to protect your frozen tongue and cheeks from accidentally being bitten during chewing.


How Long Does A Dental Filling Take?

A dental filling procedure only takes a few minutes to complete. Even if you require a root canal or endodontic therapy, the entire procedure is fast and comfortable. We may book you in for a half-hour to an hour depending on if additional X-Rays are required and to give plenty of time for freezing to set in.

Types of Filling Procedures

We only use white composite fillings at Enamel Dental. If you have any old amalgam fillings, we are happy to remove them and replace them with a non-toxic composite instead.

White composite fillings are often called filled resins or composites. They combine quartz or glass filler to perfectly match your tooth. This durable material is ideal for small to medium size dental restorations and works well for locations within your mouth that perform a moderate degree of chewing.

Fillings are not just used for cavities. We can use filling material to seal cracked or broken teeth in certain cases.

Don’t Delay, Book Your Filling Today

Even though cavities can take months or years to develop, fixing them in their infancy is ideal. Decay can spread from baby teeth down to waiting adult teeth in children. It may create an abscess near the root of your tooth and a root canal might be required if things are left too long at any age.

We are happy to discuss your case with you. Enamel Dental is always on hand to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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