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Fasting Before Wisdom Teeth Removal: What to Expect on the Day 

Fasting Before Wisdom Teeth Removal: What to Expect on the Day 

When it comes to removing wisdom teeth there are some important guidelines that need to be followed. These include everything from fasting before wisdom teeth removal to ensuring someone can safely drive you home (since it’s not safe for you to do yourself). 

Below, we’ve put together a guide on how to prepare yourself for wisdom teeth removal. 

Fasting Before Wisdom Teeth Removal 

There’s no getting out of it, you will need to fast for the night before your wisdom teeth removal if you’re going to be getting any type of sedation. Try to have as filling a meal as possible before you start fasting to carry you through your appointment. 

As frustrating as it might be, there are several good reasons for it. Fasting prevents the risk of aspiration (choking on food), risk of infections, preventing nausea and vomiting, and bowel interference. All of the aforementioned issues can occur when food or drink is in your body under anesthetic which is why fasting is so important. If you do accidentally eat something before surgery let the receptionist know so that they can reschedule your appointment.

Preparing Your Home Before Heading to Surgery 

Before you head out, the best thing you can do for post-surgery you is to set your home up witrecovery in mind. Set up your bed with comfortable pillows, give yourself options to enjoy some kind of entertainment while you recover like TV, movies, or video games nearby, and purchase food you will be allowed to eat 

Avoid smoking before or after your surgery too as this could potentially infect your mouth or extend your period of recovery.  

Wisdom teeth removal surgery

Kinds of Sedation You Can Get 

Local anesthetic, also known as “freezing”, is administered to the tooth removal areas. You will be awake if you receive this type of anesthetic. 

Sedation anesthetic will suppress your consciousnessYou likely won’t have a memory of the procedure. At Enamel Dental, sedation can be given through an IV or orally. You will also have local anesthetic.

More complicated extractions, such as impacted wisdom teeth, may require a referral to an oral surgeon. Dr. Marino and Dr. Jung will discuss all of your options at your consultation appointment.  

Our New Protocols in the Office to Keep You Safe 

Once you’re in our office before your wisdom teeth removal we’ve implemented some new guidelines to keep you and our staff safe. 

  • Bring your own mask before you come and wear it into our office.  
  • Call when you arrive or knock on the waiting room door when you get to our location.  
  • One of our staff members will come out and meet you and will walk you through to your appointment room. 

Removing your wisdom teeth is often a smooth process, and preparing yourself accordingly physically, mentally, and organizing your home to cater to your needs will help immensely. 



Contact us about any questions you may have about wisdom teeth removal or other dental surgeries we offer.