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Enamel Family Dental Centre Taking New Patients

Enamel Family Dental Centre Taking New Patients

Enamel Family Dental Centre promotes and exhibits excellent patient care for the whole family.

Our Penticton dentists, Dr. Sylvian Marino and Dr. James Jung, along with the rest of the Enamel Family Dental Centre team, provide families with an optimal dental care experience.

Why Enamel Family Dental Centre

To provide families with an optimal dental experience, we have a highly skilled team, use the latest technology, maintain a clean and inviting environment, and embrace patient-centred care. Read on for more details!


Skilled Dental Care Staff

Dr. Sylvain Marino and Dr. James Jung have been serving smiles in the community for over 20 years with an extensive educational background in the dental field.

We provide patients with the most highly skilled hygienists and dentists. In our hiring process, we seek out the most qualified workers, taking into consideration their education, certification, and proper licensing.

We also have an excellent clerical team. From the moment a patient walks into our office, they will be warmly greeted and assisted by one of our front desk personnel. Our front desk team is also detail-oriented which is extremely important, especially when it comes to appointment setting and billing.

Our highly skilled clinical team will provide comprehensive treatment planning when it comes to family dental care.

From a simple filling to dental implants, to full-mouth rehabilitation, our Enamel Family Dental Centre team has the expertise, tools, and materials to handle nearly any dental treatment or procedure.

Latest Technology

Our Penticton family dental centre uses the latest technology in dentistry to give you the best options for your oral health.

Our office is equipped with digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and a dental CT Scan, which allows us to project images on a large display to show you trouble areas in your mouth. We encourage patients to get involved with their own diagnosis.


Relaxing Ambiance and Cleanliness

Our family dental centre maintains a clean and inviting environment. As with any medical office, patients are concerned about their hygiene and need assurance that their surroundings are sterile.

We follow sterilization guidelines for all dental instruments and equipment to ensure the safety of our patients and team members. We have soothing interior design, artwork, and other unique displays that create a calming ambiance.


Patient-centred Dentist Care

We pride ourselves on providing a dental experience that is patient-centred and anxiety free. Although dental offices tend to be filled with rather scientific people, it is critical to extend beyond studied knowledge and reach the patients on a personal level.

Many dental patients are fearful of dental work and need a compassionate, friendly face more than scientific lingo. We also offer sedation dentistry to patients who typically experience severe anxiety during dental procedures.

Our team members take the time to listen to our patients’ concerns, inquiries and input and we are always open to feedback that can make our patients have an even better dental experience.

Local Dentist Ratings for Enamel Family Dental Centre

We have over 500+ local dentist ratings online! These local dentist ratings speak to our professionalism as a team and so we encourage you to review them, especially because we are gladly accepting new patients.

One testimonial is as follows:

My whole experience from the moment I arrived at the Enamel Family Dental Centre was very positive. I was there for a new patient dental examination and everyone was so friendly and caring…I found the whole experience quite enjoyable… I know most would not associate being at the dentist as enjoyable…but it truly was!

All the staff, especially Jessie (treatment plan coordinator) and Dr. Marino were really awesome to deal with. I was treated there in the past for a couple of dental emergencies and really appreciated the care and speed in which I was treated and so decided to make The Enamel Family Dental Centre my dental centre!

-Val O. (January 2019)

What You Can Expect as a New Patient at Enamel Family Dental Centre

You can expect a smooth and anxiety-free transition into becoming a patient at our family dental centre. Conveniently, we have provided prospective new patients with an online link to our Medical and Dental History Form to be completed prior to their New Patient Exam.

During your New Patient Exam, you will receive an oral cancer screening, a full set of diagnostic x-rays and a panoramic x-ray to diagnose and prioritize any treatment needed. We will be happy to contact your previous dentist to see if they have recent records on file

For adults, our New Patient Exam provides a comprehensive overview of your dental needs. We go over treatment options with you to allow you to be absolutely comfortable with the recommended treatment plan. For children, we explain tooth decay and how it affects their health, as well as educating them on ideal tooth care to keep their teeth in perfect shape.

If you’re interested in becoming a new patient at Enamel Family Dental Centre or have any general dental-related inquiries, connect with us today and we’d be happy to chat!