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Farewell From Joanne

Farewell From Joanne

If you have received this letter it means that you have been important to me during my time as a dental hygienist working with Dr. Jung and Dr. Marino at Enamel Dental Centre.

If your last appointment with me landed between April 1st and June 18th, 2021, you may already know that this past year presented with unforeseen health challenges for me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. Since then I have undergone all the necessary steps that led to my present health status: I am elated to say that I am on the good side of this health crisis. Hallelujah! It has been quite the year. Throughout it all, I have been so supported by so many and blessed with many silver linings.

Although this is great news, as some of you know, a year like this can be life-changing. I definitely celebrate the small things and try to find enjoyment in every day. After long reflection, I have decided to step away permanently from my career as a dental hygienist. This was a hard decision as my dental team and you, my patients, have been an integral branch of my life. The connections that have been developed from seeing many of you several times per year, has been meaningful to me. Thank you so much! The conversations, the caring, the laughter resonated with me. It was never just about cleaning your teeth. It is my hope that you left your appointments feeling somewhat lighter and brighter…although I know that some of you were just happy that the appointment was over! (you know who you are) 😊

I want you to know that Dr. Jung and Dr. Marino always look for quality hygienists when they go through their hiring process and protocol. You will be in good hands moving forward.

It is bittersweet to be saying goodbye as I have been seeing many of you for a long time….some since the 1990’s!

Know that our connection, however brief or longstanding, has meant something to me.

Wishing you happiness and healthy gums as you move forward.