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Staying Healthy As A Skater

Staying Healthy As A Skater

Maintaining good health doesn’t happen by accident. It requires lots of work and smart lifestyle choices. Staying fit has so many benefits to skaters and other athletes. Skaters need an ideal skater body to perform and conquer tricks without getting hurt. So what can people do to stay healthy?

Health isn’t something that grows on trees. It’s actual work. One main element to get in shape is to eat more greens and less sweets. To improve your body, vegetables and fruits are very important. Research has shown that vegetables and fruits are the food that contains the most vitamins. All these vitamins help fight off bad diseases and can keep your body strong. Another important food group is protein. Any meat, beans or nuts will give one enough protein and energy to last them all day; however, some of ones’ favourite sugary, fatty snacks are not as healthy for you as it may seem. Yes, some sugar is good for you. Sugar creates lots of energy from glucose to start your day, but it has many negative sides to it. For instance, if one eats too much sugar it can lead to an increase in blood sugar and can cause many heart diseases. Skaters should never go near any drug or alcohol because it increases the chance of cancer, heart attacks and brain damage. There are many benefits to eating the right food.

Another way to get your ideal skaters’ body is to exercise. May of us don’t want to exercise because it’s hard work and tiring; however, there are many benefits to going to the gym that will make you want to exercise. From my experience, skaters use their hamstrings, vastus intermedius, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis (leg muscles) the most. To build strong and healthy legs skaters must run from 5 to 10 km a week to help with longterm muscle endurance. Also, to burn calories and improve your agility skipping rope is a great exercise to get your dream leg muscles while having fun. All these exercises help skaters to skate faster, have more control and grace. After a long day of exercises skaters must stretch their muscle to help strengthen. Stretching is one of the most important part of exercising because they help pull the muscles so they can grow. Exercise also helps our body structure and decreases the chance of diabetes. Exercise has a huge impact on skaters and is important in our everyday lives.

I know exercising and eating healthy is super hard and it’s really easy to go back into bad habits. So if you’re getting lazy to stay fit one can start meal planning to keep track of what one eats. Planning your meals each week will help you be organized and motivate you to stay on your health kick. It will also help you to shop for the thing one needs and not get off track to buy their favourite treat. If you’re having trouble to exercise make exercising more amusing. Exercise with your friends and try out new moves. One can go swim, bike, skip rope or hike to get their full workout routine while having fun outdoors. Being healthy can be fun and exciting, it doesn’t have to become a chore.

Overall, being healthy isn’t easy and is a lot of hard work. But there are so many positive sides to it. Eating the right foods gives you all the necessary elements for your body and exercising helps to build muscles. Staying healthy also fights off many heart disease, cancer, brain damage and diabetes. So in the future we all need to stay fit by eating the proper foods and we must go to the gym more often.